Fonkoze's response
to COVID-19
across Haiti

Fonkoze's Strategic Response

In a country where the medical system is already fragile and accessibility to basic health services (and clean water) for its poorest citizens is severely lacking, a COVID-19 outbreak could devastate Haiti. The country’s lack of infrastructure (e.g., paved roads) makes it difficult for health officials to reach those infected and vice versa.

Protecting Vulnerable Households

Training, Protective Items and More to Thousands

Thanks to the ongoing support of its donors, Fonkoze has equipped thousands of its staff and client leaders across the country with the resources and tools needed to stay healthy:

  • Distribution of soaps, masks
  • Distribution of handwashing stations
  • Distribution of solar chargers
  • Distribution of hygiene kits
  • Dissemination of training to thousands

Ensuring Food Security

In addition to helping its clients and their communities protect their health during this pandemic, Fonkoze’s strategic response to COVID-19 in Haiti also involved taking measures to ensure the most vulnerable populations throughout the country do not become more food insecure in the days and weeks to come.

Economic Recovery

Since 1994, Fonkoze has empowered disenfranchised and poor Haitians to lift themselves out of poverty and to deal with crises, including hurricanes, earthquakes and political upheaval and pandemics. As such, Fonkoze Financial Services (SFF) employed the following strategies to support clients through the end of 2020:
  • When clients sought to renew their loans, they were not negatively evaluated for late payments on previous loan(s).
  • Financial literacy coaching was provided to advanced clients (Business Development clients) on coping mechanisms for their businesses during COVID. This coaching leveraged the tools we use to support our microloan clients in their Solidarity Centers.
  • SFF offered to reschedule loans for clients diagnosed with COVID-19, if requested.
  • Clients were educated on the details of moratorium options, as per Central Bank. Once it was properly understood, if the request was made, it was granted. In total, SFF rescheduled 72 loans for HTG 29 million of which 8 million is outstanding for 30 clients.
  • For microcredit clients who took out loans in the days before the nationwide lockdown, SFF allowed them to return the loan without a penalty for a later disbursement date.

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