Our Board of Directors is composed of talented leaders with diverse working backgrounds. They are committed to advancing Fonkoze’s mission by volunteering their time, talent, and resources.

Board of Directors

Meet our governance teams for each of the three organizations that make up the Fonkoze Family.

Josie Sentner, Vice Chair
Maurice Chavannes, Secretary
Dominique Boyer
Florence Dejean
Amir Oveissi
Guy Paraison
Fr. Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp
Ronald Rosarion
Steve Wardle

Larry Arbuthnott, Chair
Lisa W. Clark, Vice-Chair
Michele Hartigan, Secretary
Robyn Mordeno, Treasurer
Jean-Garnier Bélizaire
Roxann Thomas Chargois
Katie Cortes
Claudia Cyrill
Marjorie Dorcely
Mackenzie Keller
Laura Stephens

Claude Alexander, Chair
Herold Rodrigue, Vice Chair
Guy Paraison, Treasurer
Edrix Alcimé
Jean Jacky Alexandre
Budry Bayard
Marie Mucie Descieux
Philomène Guillaume
Moïse Iraus
Frednel Isma
Astride Joseph
Johnny Frantz Dewin Louis
R. Jerry Nemorin

Julian Schroeder, Chair
Claude Alexander, Vice Chair
Deanna Durban, Secretary
Jean-Garnier Bélizaire
Nathaelle Chavenet
Fr. Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp
Steve Wardle

Beth Daniels
Marguerite Lathan
Jorie Roberts
Laura Roberts Wright

Leigh Carter
Anne Hastings
Father Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp

Garcelle Beauvais
Jerry Bedford
Maryann Boord
Matt Balitsaris
Alex Counts
Mary and Gary Becker
Maureen Fenlon, OP
Brian Gately
Beverly Lucas
Michael McClanen
Father Albert McKnight, CSSp
Ruth Messinger
Louis Prezeau
Marie M.B. Racine
Michael Rauenhorst
Winston Tellis

What We Do

We provide financial and development services to empower Haitians - primarily women - to lift their families out of poverty.
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Why Fonkoze?

For 28 years, our comprehensive approaches to allieviating poverty in Haiti have been proven effective year after year. Our programs and services are designed to meet individuals wherever they are on their journey out of poverty.
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Your Impact

Your support by way of donations, spreading the word and more, allows us to continue providing Haiti's most vulnerable the opportunities and support needed to rise out of poverty.
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